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Please submit your Application and all accompanying documents to:


Global Consulting, 832 E Old Willow Rd, Suite 205, Prospect Heights, IL, 60070, USA


Important Notes:

The authors, whose technologies and materials have been chosen for the concrete project, will be responded. The authors, whose works were not chosen, will be notified. Global Consulting can offer participation directly to the author(s), whose contribution to the problem is well-known.


The authors, whose technologies and materials have been chosen for the concrete project, will be offered a contract position of Consultant with Global Consulting.


Contract position does not necessarily mean that the Contractor must all the time be physically present at the location/site of the Project. It may mean a fully, or most of the time, remote contractor position. Some projects, however, may require a physical presence of the contractor at the site for the time, indicated in the Contract. Such time may vary.


The payment should be anticipated only when the technology (if chosen) is being launched into the concrete project(s). The amount of payment will be determined in the Contract dependently on the sum of the overall project portfolio, number of participants / other technologies involved in the project, volume of works, scope of application, period of the project, etc. Basis for payment is to be determined as a compensation for use of the patented / published idea. Every chosen candidate will be a Contractor to Global Consulting.  Every Contract is determined by the length of the concrete project.

Global Consulting is not a charity organization.


Applicants other than admitted for participation in the project, should expect that no materials, originally submitted to Global Consulting, will be returned.


Pribacy Policy:

Global Consulting respects privacy of the applicants. No personal information will be disclosed to the third party, other than Prospective Project-holder. Presenting personal information (such as Tax ID No.) from the individual candidates is optional on the stage of submitting the application, but is required on the stage of signing the Contract with Global Consulting.





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